Best Covers That Heat Your Pool

Covers that maximise solar gain to heat your swimming pool

The material has high transparency, allowing as much of the solar energy into the pool environment as possible. By using the sun’s energy to heat the pool, the water is maintained up 6 to 8˚C hotter then an uncovered pool. This greatly reduces the load on the heating system. has to use to keep the water at a comfortable temperature. The cover’s transparency plays an important role in providing such a large temperature increase as the water absorbs different wavelengths of the sun’s spectrum at different depths. By allowing nearly 80% of the sun’s energy into the pool, an even temperature increase is generated throughout the body of water.

Transparent materials

The Best Solar Heating Bubble Cover Available

This pool cover maximises solar gain to heat your swimming pool and increases the pool temperature by up to 8°C, extending your pool season by up to 2 months.