Offering Best-in-Industry Pool Covers, Roll-Up Stations & Sustainable Energy Solutions

Solar2000 has over 25 years of experience in the swimming pool industry and is a proud supplier of GeoBubble pool covers, roll-up stations and sustainable energy solutions in South Africa. Our products are available direct to the public and through leading independent pool professionals, fully supported by our quality assurance and product warranties.

What We Offer

our pool covers help you keep your pool warmer for longer, prevents evaporation, and helps save on pool cleaning chemicals

Pool Covers

GeoBubble technology combined with high-performance Guard materials give you a longer-lasting pool cover with the highest energy and chemical saving efficiencies.

our pool cover roll-up stations make covering and opening your pool quick and easy

Roll-Up Stations

Easy to use roll-up stations, designed and manufactured to suit your personal requirements.

keep your pool warm during the colder months with our solar heating energy solutions

Energy Solutions

Enjoy year round leisure living using the free energy from the sun to your advantage and save with our solar panels and solar collector system.

The Perfect Solution for
Every Industry

We supply swimming pool and heating solutions for your home, gym, school, business and factory applications to every corner of South Africa, and the world. Durable, versatile, environmentally friendly and economical, our solutions are designed to save you time, energy, water and money!

pool covers for home owners built to suit your specific requirements


We sell directly to the public, as well as through the pool specialist network. Our products are available for all shapes and sizes of swimming pools and are built to suit your specific requirements.

Pool covers of any size for gyms, schools, hotels, and complexes


No application is too small or too large, we can manufacture pool cover solutions for gyms, schools, hotels, and complexes and supply the accessories to ensure convenience and maintenance.

our VapourGuard range of pool covers is perfect for industry


Our pool blankets are ideal for temperature regulation and restriction of water loss and contamination. If your precious water is exposed to the elements, chances are that we’ll be able to recommend a solution that will save you money.

Quality products promising the best guarantee!