Pool Cover Roll-Up Stations

The care and handling of your pool cover is easy with a Solar2000 roll-up station. Storing your pool cover on a roller also minimises the potential to damage the bubble material and saves space and time.

Features & Benefits

Manufactured from Stainless Steel

Aluminium tube naturally anodised

All nylon fittings are UV stabilised

Castors available on request

One person operational

Easy removal of blanket

Custom made roll-ups to suit your needs

Supplied with reflective cover to protect blanket

Quality products promising the best guarantee!

hand reel for pool cover roll-up station


The Standard Rollup station is manufactured with the domestic user in mind. It is extremely easy to use and it provides a secure way of storing your cover when it is removed from the pool. It is skillfully manufactured with high-quality aluminium and stainless steel.

Available sizes: 2m to 5m

Pool cover roll-up station


The Telescopic Rollup station is manufactured to ensure for easy transport. It breaks up into smaller pieces and also has  reinforced sections that gives you the ability to increase the size of the Rollup station.

Available sizes: 4m to 8.5m

crank reel for pool cover roll-up station


Commercial pool covers are usually big in size and thus require the convenience of a Jupiter Roll-up station. It has an easy to use Crank handle design which makes removing bigger pool covers an easy task.

Available sizes: 2.5m to 6m

Pool cover roll-up station

Roll Over

The Roll Over Roll-up station has also been manufactured with commercial pools in mind. It is designed for pools that have starter blocks where extra protection is necessary for your pool cover when reeling it in. This Rollup station is also very easy to use.

Available sizes: 2.5m to 6m

Pool cover roll-up station


The Bench Roll-up station is ofter manufactured for commercial pools but it can also be altered to aesthetically enhance the look of your roll-up station. Our bench Roll-up stations are often used in large gymnasiums like Virgin Active.

Available sizes 2.5m to 4m