The Best Solar Heating Bubble Cover Available


Ideal for heating your pool

Solar Gains

The material has high transparency, allowing as much of the solar energy into the pool environment as possible. By using the sun’s energy to heat the pool, the water is maintained up 6 to 8 ̊C hotter than an uncovered pool. The cover’s transparency plays an important role in providing such a large temperature increase as the water absorbs different wavelengths of the sun’s spectrum at different depths. By allowing nearly 80% of the sun’s energy into the pool, an even temperature increase is generated throughout the body of water.

Prevents Evaporation

The material provides a barrier to evaporation, giving the pool the ability to preserve water and reduce heat loss through evaporative cooling. Prevention of evaporative losses has the largest impact on maintaining a pool’s temperature, responsible for 70% of the heat loss from the pool.

Sol+Guard pool covers help Insulate to Prevent Heat Transfer

Insulates to Prevent Heat Transfer

The unique profile of the GeoBubble technology air cells provides both buoyancy and an insulative air gap to control heat transfer, enabling the material to manage the pool environment and keep the pool at the desired temperature.

The Benefits of Having
a Sol+Guard Pool Cover

  • Increases pool temperatures by up to 8°C
  • Reduces chemical consumption by up to 40%
  • Reduces energy consumption by over 70%
  • Saves you money and reduces the pool’s carbon footprint
  • 6 year + expected lifespan
  • With GeoBubbleTM technology
  • Eliminates water evaporation by 98% +
  • Reduces debris contamination
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The material’s longevity is determined by three main factors: thickness, bubble design and UV stabilisation. The 500 Micron material makes the pool cover durable, and the GeoBubble™ design provides an evenly profiled bubble that offers good resistance against the pool sanitizer’s oxidising effects. The Guard products have a bespoke tailor-made UV stabilizer system at far higher levels than that of standard pool cover materials, giving you a product with the longest possible lifespan.