Best Pool Covers That Save Energy & Chemicals

Suggested material for saving energy and reducing chemical demand

Opaque materials always provide the best chemical savings. By blocking the light, chemical deactivation and biological growth can be minimised. With chemical consumption reduced, there is a reduction in the pool’s filtration requirements. In areas where the pool is shut down or hibernated for long periods during the winter, these opaque materials ensure that, by blocking out light entry, the pool does not turn green due to algae growth. Without the need to filter out the foreign biological matter, chemical input and filtration times can be greatly reduced or cut out completely. On reopening the pool at the start of the swimming season, the water is clear therefore the start up is quick and the pool requires very little effort to make it swim-ready again.

Opaque materials

Adding Heat, Reducing Chemical Demand And Blocking Light

This cover helps you save on chemicals and filtration during the winter and allows for fast pool start ups and temperature regulation during the summer. The ultimate cover at inhibiting algae growth reducing your daily running costs.

Keeps Your Swimming Pool Cool And Beats Algae

The optimum cover for reducing water temperatures by up to 15%, keeping the water refreshing by reflecting the sun’s heat away from the pool. Algae growth is also prevented and chemical demand is minimised.