Adding Heat, Reducing Chemical Demand And
Blocking Light


Ideal for heating your pool and inhibiting algae growth

Algae Inhibition

Maximising pool temperature and inhibiting algae growth at the same time is now possible with this innovative light filtering material, meaning there is no need to compromise between temperature and chemical savings.

Selective Transmission

The bubble layer of the material uses a patented midnight blue pigment combination which gives the material its selective transmission properties. The pigment formulation works as a selective filter absorbing the visible wavelengths responsible for photosynthesis. The absorbed energy is passed to the pool through conduction, while the transmission properties of the bubble layer allows for infrared radiation (IR) wavelengths to pass through the material and be directly absorbed by the water.

Prevents Evaporation

The material provides a barrier to evaporation, giving the pool the ability to preserve water and reduce heat loss through evaporative cooling. Prevention of evaporative losses has the largest impact on maintaining a pool’s temperature, responsible for 70% of the heat loss from the pool.

Insulates to Prevent Heat Transfer

The unique profile of the GeoBubble™ technology air cells provides both buoyancy and an insulative air gap to control heat transfer enabling the material to manage the pool environment and keep the pool at the desired temperature.

The Benefits of Having
a CoolGuard Pool Cover

  • Increases water temperature by up to 7°C
  • Inhibits algae growth
  • Reduces filtration times by up to 50%
  • Reduces chemical consumption by up to 60%
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 60%
  • Reduces time spent on maintenance
  • 6 year pro rata manufacturer’s warranty
  • Can be used as a winter pool cover
  • Available with GeoBubbleTM technology
  • Eliminates water evaporation by 98% +
  • Reduces debris contamination
  • Reduces the pool’s carbon footprint

The most innovative solar cover to date!

Offering optimised solar gains and algae inhibition, the patent applied for EnergyGuard material now effectively delivers the best possible balance between solar gains, chemical reductions and filtration reductions, making it the most innovative solar cover to date and reflecting today’s need to align swimming pools to sustainable habits in the home.