The Incredibly Versatile 540 Micron Floating Cover Solution


Ideal for temperature and evaporation control

Temperature, Algae & Evaporation Control

The VapourGuard™ material has a top surface with high reflectivity which reduces the water temperature by minimising solar gain. The insulating effect of the bubble and prevention of evaporative cooling works to maintain the water temperature should heating be required. This makes VapourGuard™ an ideal choice for applications needing temperature control. Furthermore, the bubble layer is an opaque black material to ensure the blocking of all light involved in photosynthesis and biological growth, saving money on filtration and chemical treatments.

A VapourGuard™ cover has the ability to prevent 98%+ of evaporation. In areas like South Africa, the evaporative losses can range from 1m2 to 2m of open water per year. In terms of Litres this represents an annual saving of 2000L per 1m2 of surface area covered.

Rainwater Harvesting

With the addition of small holes at staggered intervals parallel to the weld edge, the cover can be used as a rain water harvesting system, collecting water that falls on its surface. The system can also be integrated to collect and store runoff from nearby roofs for grey water uses.

regulate water temperature, evaporation and algae growth with VapourGuard pool covers
prevent evaporation with VapourGuard pool covers
harvesting rain water with VapourGuard pool covers
harvesting rain water with VapourGuard pool covers
How VapourGuard pool covers regulate water temperature and restrict water loss
How VapourGuard pool covers prevent water contamination

The Benefits of Having
a VapourGuard Cover

  • Collects rainfall
  • 540 micron material
  • With GeoBubble™ Technology
  • Reduces evaporation by 98%+
  • Inhibits algae growth
  • Reflects the sun’s heat
  • Reduces contamination
  • 6 year pro rata warranty
  • Up to 10 year expected lifespan

VapourGuard™ is an ideal cover solution for Greenhouse Growers and a variety of Water Reservoirs & Tanks.

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VapourGuard™ floating cover solutions are a useful and adaptable tool in the preservation and maintenance of water storage systems.

VapourGuard™ material provides evaporation control, algae inhibition, debris reduction and temperature regulation. The material can be applied in modular sections or as a complete covering membrane to the surface of the water. The material is available in roll form, 2.5m wide with a 50mm weld edge in 90m lengths and can then be welded into modular or amalgamated shaped covers by specialist fabricators to meet the required dimensions of the application.