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Your pool is a place for fun, exercise and relaxation—a vacation in your backyard. Just because the summer ends doesn’t mean your pool time should. Indulge in endless fun with Solar2000’s solar pool heating systems.

If you want to retain your pool’s heat and reduce your heating bills, or if you plan to install a new pool, a solar pool heater is a good investment. Solar heating systems are one of the most cost-effective applications of solar energy.

It is relatively simple to integrate a solar water heater since most pools require a pump, filter, and plumbing. With a solar energy system, the pool’s water is pumped through the filter and then through a solar energy collector(s) instead of directly back to the pool. The sun heats the water in the collector(s) before it returns to the pool.

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With its unique design characteristics and innovative engineering, is Heliocol the best solar pool heating system available. The balance between design, excellence and durability makes Heliocol the smart choice for your residential or commercial needs.

From backyard pools to the Summer Olympic Games, Heliocol’s proven reliability makes it the choice of smart swimming pool owners worldwide.

Heliocol’s trouble-free systems are completely resistant to pool chemicals, have an extremely low cost of operation and will work efficiently for decades. Heliocol’s specially-engineered components are designed to last without maintenance and without replacement–a true zero-maintenance solar pool heating system!