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Pool Covers

The Best Solar Heating Bubble Cover Available

This pool cover maximises solar gain to heat your swimming pool and increases the pool temperature by up to 8°C, extending your pool season by up to 2 months.

Keeps Your Swimming Pool Cool And Beats Algae

The optimum cover for reducing water temperatures by up to 15%, keeping the water refreshing by reflecting the sun’s heat away from the pool. Algae growth is also prevented and chemical demand is minimised.

Adding Heat, Reducing Chemical Demand And Blocking Light

This cover helps you save on chemicals and filtration during the winter and allows for fast pool start ups and temperature regulation during the summer. The ultimate cover at inhibiting algae growth reducing your daily running costs.

Solarweave standard pool cover materials
RD400 & Solarweave standard pool cover materials

Standard Pool Cover Materials

Our standard product range consists of the traditional material colour combinations for the swimming pool cover material market.

Roll-Up Stations

We custom design and manufacture roll-up stations – making your pool cover easy to use. Storing your pool cover on a roller also minimises the potential to damage the bubble material and saves space and time.

We design and manufacture the following roll-up stations:



The Standard Rollup station is manufactured with the domestic user in mind. It is extremely easy to use and it provides a secure way of storing your cover when it is removed from the pool. It is skillfully manufactured with high-quality aluminium and stainless steel.

Available sizes: 2m to 5m

Pool cover roll-up station


The Telescopic Rollup station is manufactured to ensure for easy transport. It breaks up into smaller pieces and also has  reinforced sections that gives you the ability to increase the size of the Rollup station.

Available sizes: 4m to 8.5m

Sustainable Energy Solutions

solar panel for pool heating
Heliocol Logo - solar heating solutions

From backyard pools to the Summer Olympic Games, Heliocol’s proven reliability makes it the choice of smart swimming pool owners worldwide.

Heliocol’s trouble-free systems are completely resistant to pool chemicals, have an extremely low cost of operation and will work efficiently for decades. Heliocol’s specially-engineered components are designed to last without maintenance and without replacement–a true zero-maintenance solar pool heating system!